I’ve been thinking

Always looking for something different, something unlike you’ve heard before? Striving to take a path less trod, to find something unique, to challenge ideas of how things should be?

Taking chances, let others take the main road, you take the darker path or the strange route the others are scared off, the rewards are worth the risk.


Hi, My name is Paul Aspel. I’m a composer and musician who has produced music for film, TV, trailers and games as well as having produced and recorded music albums.

I started writing and playing music when i bought my first, second hand electric guitar when I was 16 years old and I haven’t stopped since.

I’ve worked on many commercial projects over the years in many different areas and just enjoy making music of all kinds and styles.

I like to do things differently, make sounds unlike any others and strive to be as original as possible.

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Essential tracks:





  • rain
  • Charon
  • Charon


coming soon, I promise!


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